English Summer Art Camp 2017 enrollment is now open!

Kodomo Edu will hold a summer camp with Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education with Teacher Suraiya Daud, an experienced early childhood educator in Los Angeles, California. Teacher Suraiya’s program will give Japanese children a profound experience with her qualified Reggio Emilia approach which has captured the attention of educators and advocates around the world.

What differentiates us from other summer camp? (1)

Your child will experience the world-renowned Reggio Emilia approach in an English environment!

Both Disney and Google have adopted the Reggio Emilia approach at their company preschools. Newsweek magazine wrote that the Reggio Emilia approach is “the world’s most innovative early childhood education”. Teacher Suraiya developed the art program for Disney’s preschools in the U.S. Your child will experience this amazing world-renowned program for the first time in Japan.

Teacher Suraiya’s profile


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Innovative art program will develop and invigorate your child’s capabilities!

We have professional art materials set up over 10 different workstations. These unique art materials and workstations are carefully curated to inspire children’s imagination and creativity. Teacher Suraiya will teach your child how to explore with these materials. Through her guidance, children will enhance their creativity, improve critical thinking, and learn teamwork and collaboration.


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Documentation will be provided upon completion of the week

One of the focus of Reggio Emilia Approach is to observe children and listen to their questions and their stories in order to find what interests them. At the end of each week, a report called “documentation” which documents children’s thinking, activities and progression of thoughts will be provided. With the documentation, you can continue to give your child the opportunities to explore his/her interests further, even after the summer camp.


What differentiates us from other summer camps? (4)

An artist from highest-ranking art university “Tokyo Geijyutsu University” will join us!

Sam Stocker, a resident of the PHD program at Tokyo Geijyutsu University will be our lead assistant art teacher.

Sam Stockerlink to teacher Sam’s profile


We’ll provide the best environment where children can be creative and learn by the Reggio Emilia approach in English.

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The student-to-teacher ratio is 5:1. We’ll take care of your children well

Besides Teacher Suraiya and Teacher Sam, there will be other 4 bilingual assistant teachers who will be available to help your children thrive. Our high student-to-teacher ratio will enhance your children’s creativity and improve their English ability.


What differentiates us from other summer camps? (6)

Our venue is a facility where Tokyo-based creators gather

The summer camp will be held at “Setagaya Monozukuri Gakkou”, where Tokyo’s top creators gather for workshops on design, architecture, visual art, and fashion. (Here’s the link to Setagaya Monozukuri Gakkou 世田谷ものづくり学校)



Dates:2017/7/31(Mon) – 8/10(Thu)

               Week 1 7/31(Mon) – 8/4(Fri) 5days

               Week 2 8/7(Mon) – 8/10(木) 4days

Time:9AM – 3PM

Venue:Setagaya Monozukuri Gakkou

Age:3-7 (We have no nap facility)

Cost:Week1: Yen 68,900- (+tax)

               Week2: Yen 58,900- (+tax)

              Week1&2 discount: Yen 58,900×2weeks(+tax)

Teachers:Suraiya Daud (Imagine Preschool, Los Angeles California)

                        Sam Stocker (Artist in Residence, PHD, Tokyo Geijyutsu University)

Contents:Engilish Art Summer Camp in Reggio Emilia Approach

Details: Children will enhance their creativity, improve critical thinking and problem solving, and learn teamwork and collaboration through various art projects.

Work Examples:Watercolors, oil pastels, charcoal, sawing, wire, clay, light table, collage, etc.


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