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Believe in, draw out, and develop children's strengths
This will lead to the blossoming of their potential.

Each child has his or her own unique way of thinking and every child is full of potential. Adults who understand this and adults who do not understand this are 100% different in the words they utter and the way they interact with children. And children are sensitive to this.
Kodomo edu teachers believe that every child has potential. They are not "knowledge teachers," but rather partners who think together with the child and take the child seriously.
We want to be the soil where children's "power to survive in the future" blooms by learning from their "likes" and being attentive to their interests. Kodomo edu will continue to support the growth of children for a future in which they will blossom into beautiful flowers.

English language skills are acquired naturally along with independence and self-reliance.
We see changes in children's thinking and behavior on a daily basis.

Why are Kodomo Edu children so independent and self-reliant? Why are they able to express what they want to do without being influenced by the opinions of other children? Many parents wonder what makes Kodomo Edu different from other preschools and schools.
One of Kodomo edu's unique features is the amount of conversation we have each day. Every time we do something, we ask, "What do you want to do? Why do you think so?" The teachers ask questions that deepen the children's thinking. The children's brains are constantly stimulated, and while refining thinking skills, they naturally learn English from the enormous amount of conversation. Children who were once hiding behind their mothers when they first entered our school are able to express their opinions openly and proudly by the time they graduate. Kodomo Edu helps children acquire the core strength and English ability to say, "I think this way" without feeling embarrassed or shy when their opinions differ from others.

School Founder

School Founder: Yoshimi Ueda

Graduated from Keio University and joined Walt Disney Japan in her 20s. Working as a producer of mobile content, she learned a lot from Disney culture of "The best team creates the best work." Later working with many world-renowned creators in the film industry, she became interested in how creativity and thinking skill are nurtured. Learning Reggio approach in US, she decided to pursue this education approach for her life. In 2017, She invited Reggio teachers from LA to Tokyo to hold summer camps and later opened her own preschool, Kodomo Edu International School in Nakameguro, Tokyo in 2019.Selected as Next Education Award Finalist, 2022.